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April 28th, 2012

Barack Obama   Deserves a second term

Mitt Romney has all but secured the Republican nomination for the presidency.  The stage is set for the campaign for the President of the United States.  Both men are considered moderate by their respective parties.  Both have executive experience, one as a governor, one as a president.  One is a constitutional law professor, the other proudly refers to himself as a businessman.

Foreign Policy  

Foreign policy is a resounding plus for Barack Obama.  As nit-picking as the Republicans have been concerning President Obama, they have found no complaints with his foreign policy.  Their silence is deafening.  Historically Democrats have been seen as dovish on foreign affairs.  President Obama has proven to be as hawkish as the most strident Republican.  During the 2008 campaign, John McCain was asked if he would enter Pakistan in pursuit of Osama Bin Laden.   He hemmed and hawed, speaking of naiveté to think that one could just disregard the sovereignty of another nation.  Barack Obama boldly asserted that he would go into Pakistan and bring Bin Laden to justice.  Not only did he talk the talk, he walked the walk.  He did, in fact, go into Pakistan and killed Bin Laden.  Whether this was bringing Bin Laden to justice is debated by progressive thinkers.  However,  it is certainly not debated by any Republicans.  President Obama has unleashed an American brand of terrorism, the predator Drone.  No Republican has found fault with this foreign policy.
 During his presidency, George W. Bush was said to be a rubber stamp for the state of Israel.  President Obama has pledged unwavering allegiance with Israel.  Behind the scenes, he has an acrimonious relationship with Israel Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.  The relationship was so strained that an op-ed piece was written in an Atlanta, Ga. Jewish newspaper that opined that perhaps the state of Israel should assassinate President Obama.  The point is, no matter how committed the United States is to the defense of Israel, the days of the tail wagging the dog are over.
Mitt Romney has no foreign policy experience.

Health Care Reform  

Single handedly Barack Obama rammed a comprehensive health care reform bill through Congress.  He stood up to the fact that the United States, in spite of its riches, technology and egalitarianism, was mired in 37th place in the world for health care for its citizens.  Republicans have been too willing to shirk health care responsibilities to Health Care Organizations (HMOs).  These HMOs are private entities, corporations established for one purpose, to make a profit.
The Republicans and other conservatives fought President Obama with  all their political might and with a public relations onslaught that can only be described as rabid.  They fought every funding effort that was presented to Congress.  It took the first 2 years of his administration and some campaign promise busting concessions for him to get the bill through Congress.  The attacks stayed relentless.  The bill was derisively called "Obamacare" and was alleged to contain provisions for "death squads", groups of doctors that would decide which of the elderly would live and which would die.  This bill was just an improvement to the current health care system, and did not call for the single pay provider that the truly enlightened are based upon.  The Republicans are presently fighting the bill in the Supreme Court, contending that the method of payment is unconstitutional.
Mitt Romney, while governor of Massachusetts, supported comprehensive health care reform which was remarkably similar to "Obamacare".  Predictably, Romney now maintains that comprehensive health care reform would be good policy if applied statewide but bad policy if applied nationwide.

The Economy  

First let's discount this Republican nonsense that the present financial collapse can in  any way be attributed to President Obama.  For the last 20 years the financial gurus have been telling all who would listen that, refinance, refinance, refinance was creating a bubble that had to burst.  In 2008, when the bubble did burst, they asked, " what happened"?  Since businessmen got the nation in this recession, Mitt Romney believes that it will take a businessman to bring about a recovery.  Running this nation as a business would put it, not on the road to recovery, but on the road to ruin.
 Henry Ford was the founder of the Ford Motor Company and one of the innovators of the assembly line.  He once explained that, "he gave his workers  a living wage so that they could afford to buy his products".  His logic was good for businesses and also good for the nation.  Other manufacturers followed suit and the foundation was lain for the greatest middle class in the history of man.  As  capitalism evolved these captains of industry were replaced by corporations.  All things were secondary to what was good for the corporation.
Corporations are said to be amoral, it is claimed that corporations do not operate within the parameters of good and bad.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Morality is absolute in corporations, only it is not measured in good and bad, it is measured in profit and loss.  Profit equals good, loss equals bad.  Quick example, to withhold the recall of a defective product, because it would be cheaper to pay off the survivors of projected future victims, would be considered good corporate policy.  The Soviet Union took communism as far as it could go and then collapsed.  Could it be that the United States has taken capitalism as far as it can go?  Romney is a corporate entity.  He speaks of "the bottom line" and of satisfaction of efficiency, regardless of the human cost.  He does worry about the poor because the country already has safety nets in place.  Romney is a corporate businessman, this is the last profession that this nation needs as president.  

Random Thoughts  

It seems that there is no way to avoid commenting on the Trayvon  Martin case.  The latest slap across the collective Black face is the people who have raised over $200,000 for the defense of George Zimmerman.  
Disregarding the fact that Zimmerman,  quite possibly, committed perjury at his bond hearing, who are these people and why are they interested in defending him?   The facts of the case has been revealed to the world.  A child was brutally slain, for no reason.  Parents are anguished and a People are outraged.  Widespread support for Zimmerman does nothing more than add insult to injury.  

In the words of Chris Rock, "that tiger didn't go crazy, that tiger went tiger".


Just asking..... If President Obama is out of office, how fast would Romney cut financial and medical aid programs in order to cut taxes for the wealthiest 10% of the nation.


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