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Anything But Racism  

America insists that her present day society is free of racism.  It is claimed to be a post racial society.  America strives to convince the world that the 13th Amendment, which ended slavery, and the 14th Amendment, which guaranteed equality to all citizens, marked the end of racism.  When America tells its Black citizens that slavery was over in 1865 and that today offers a level playing field, she ignores 147 years of American history.  America knows that these outlandish claims cannot hold up to a minimal level of scrutiny.  However, she also knows that she can tell her Black citizens anything.  The more ridiculous the lie, the more acceptable to Blacks.  

On August 21, 1971 prison authorities shot and killed George Jackson.  Jackson was an imprisoned revolutionary and member of the Black Panther Party.  They claimed that Jackson's attorney, Stephen Bingham, smuggled a gun to Jackson.  Bingham was subsequently tried and acquitted of this allegation.  The prison authorities  maintained that Jackson smuggled this gun in his afro.  This was not a derringer, this was a full 9mm pistol.  There was no outcry from the Black community.  From the established Black organizations to the Black man in the street, it was accepted that George Jackson had smuggled a 9mm pistol in his afro.  America knew that Black Americans not only believed in Santa Claus, they also believed in the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy.

The Trayvon Martin Case  

America tries to convince the world that the slaying of an unarmed child, returning from a convenience store, was not a racist incident. It was not racist because the killer, George
Zimmerman, was  a neighborhood watch captain.  Yet no neighborhood watch organization has come forth to claim that Zimmerman was affiliated with it.  Also the essence of neighborhood watches is that no weapons are carried and that directives from the police are followed.

It was not racist because Trayvon wore a hoodie and hoodies are the trademarks of criminals.  Yet, the most notable hoodie wearer is Bill Belichick, the coach of the football team, the New England Patriots.

It was not racist because Zimmerman was defending himself under the stand your ground law.  Adherence to the stand your ground law does not allow one to follow another and then confront him.

It was not racist because Zimmerman is Hispanic.  Zimmerman's father is Jewish, who these days are allowed to be considered White, his mother is Peruvian.  This simply has no relevance insofar as racism against Blacks is concerned.

It was not racist and Blacks asking for arrest are rushing to judgment.  People seeking arrest are merely requesting that due process of law, which is guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States, begins.

No racism, a manufactured mind set  

When unarmed 19 year old Kendrec McDade was shot and killed, by two Pasadena  police officers, the initial media reports were not centered on his death.  The emphasis of the shooting was placed on the fact that the 911 call by Oscar Carrillo stated that he was robbed by men with guns.  According to the Pasadena police department, this call created a certain mind set which was the prevailing reason that young McDade was slain.  Carrillo's story dominated media reports more than the story of Kendrec McDade and certainly more than any reports of the officers who actually did the shooting.  In the flurry to deflect anything resembling racism, the authorities spoke of prosecuting Carrillo for manslaughter.  The futility of such a charge was proved by the fact that Carrillo was not charged for manslaughter.


Police officers are trained at a great expense to the public.  They are also paid at a rate that exceeds the educational requirements.  They receive generous benefits.   Given these circumstances, the public rightly expects a professional police officer. The 911 call by Carrillo cannot be used as an excuse to validate inexcusable behavior.  In recent Los Angeles County history, six other young, unarmed Black men have been shot and killed by the various police departments.  If there is a problem with racism, society must confront it.  America cannot continue to arm police officers, give them the authority to make life and death decisions and then refuse to hold them responsible.

No racism, revenge  

In a scene reminiscent of the "coon nights" of the 1920's and 1930's, the Black neighborhood of north Tulsa, Oklahoma was invaded and attacked by two White men, Jake England and Alvin Watts.  Shot and killed were two Black men, Bobby Clark and William Allen and a Black woman, Dannaer Fields.  Two other Black men were also shot and critically wounded.  The randomness of the Black victims by White assailants would surely establish this act of terrorism as a racist crime.  "Not so fast" says the Tulsa police department.  They claimed that this was not an action of racism but rather an act of revenge.  England's father had been killed by a Black man so England and Watts were exacting revenge.  However, logic would dictate that revenge would involve the killer of England's father.  There is nothing to indicate that the Black neighborhood of Tulsa was responsible for the killing of England's father.


The Tulsa police department just threw out there that Carl England, the father, had been killed by a Black man.  They were quiet on the fact that this killing was deemed by the prosecutor to be a justifiable homicide.  The killing took place at Carl England's daughter's apartment.  Present were Carl England, his son, his daughter, her boyfriend and the Black man, Pernell Jefferson.  Jefferson was assaulted with both a baseball bat and the wooden handle to a wheelbarrow.  He shot and killed Carl England to preserve his own life.   There can be no doubt that, with four White witnesses, this was anything but self defense.  It appears that rather than a cause for revenge, this may have been the beginning of acts of racism that culminated in the terrorist attacks in Tulsa.

To the victors belong the spoils.  History is written by those in charge.  It is expected that the oppressors will buy into a slanted view of reality.  When the oppressed buy into that slanted reality, they are in for dire times.

Random Thoughts  

I was told that my blog indicates that I'm "still in the 60's".  A variation of , "it's been a long time", "slavery is over", etc., etc.  Even though the same racism persists, it would do good to remember that it has not been that long ago since Black men and Black women were sold as chattel.  In 1953, I spent the summer in North Carolina.  I met my great - grandfather, Brandy.  He was born a slave in 1855.  The first ten years of his life were spent as the property of another.  He died that summer at the age of 98.  Meeting my great - grandfather was one of the most significant moments of my life.

Just asking.....Why do so many people believe that racism no longer exists?   


  A Black Perspective  

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