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Racism Is Racism, No Matter The Perpetrator


The United States was born, operated and developed under the concept of White supremacy The U.S. Constitution quantified the humanness of a Black person.  The founding fathers determined Blacks to be 3/5 of a person.  In the 1857 Dred Scott Decision, the U.S. Supreme Court proclaimed that Blacks had no rights that Whites were lawfully bound to respect.  Legally, these injustices were corrected by the 14th Amendment.  In reality, White supremacy reigned and Blacks were still treated as sub human. 


Human nature dictates that the closer one physically resembles the oppressor, the more privileges one is allowed.  The Black man is physically the most opposite the White man.  Therefore, he is assigned the lowest rung of the American societal ladder.  All other races and factions of America are granted more privileges than the Black man.  All racism, leveled at the Black man by other races, and by Blacks themselves, is due to an adherence to White supremacy.

White on White Racism


Racism is so pervasive by White supremacists that they will practice racism on themselves.  These people would sire children and then sell these same children into a life of slavery.  The easy answer is that these children are not White, thus, this is not truly White on White racism.  A second example is the dance group from Radio City Hall, the Rockettes. The Rockettes did not allow Black women to join the dance group.  As a matter of fact, the first African-American woman to join the Rockettes, did so in 1987.  Management of the Rockettes was so adamant to keep the Rockettes White, that they would not hire White dancers if they had too dark a tan.  Young White women, discriminated against by being denied employment because of White supremacist racism.

Hispanic Racism


After young Trayvon Martin was slain, White supremacists were quick to point out that this could not be a racist incident because the shooter was Hispanic.  Hispanic, a term that raises more questions than answers.  Trayvon's  killer, George Zimmerman, had a Jewish father and a Hispanic mother.  Is he Hispanic or Jewish?  Is Jewish a race or a religion?  Is Hispanic a race or a group of people speaking Spanish?  In a 1946 decision, Mendez v. Westminster, a California court ruled that a school district had to allow Hispanic students to integrate into schools reserved for White students.  This decision did not extend to Black and Asian students.  The reasoning behind the ruling was that the Hispanic students were Caucasian.


It is not clear whether White Supremacist has used Spanish speaking people as a racial group to compete with Blacks, or whether, in this increasingly diverse American population, they are drawing into a tight group of European-Americans.  Whatever the reason, White supremacists are using racism between Blacks and Hispanics as a divide and conquer mechanism.  This has been particularly effective inside the nation's prisons.  Of note is the fact that during prison riots Hispanics and Whites band against Blacks.  Like all racism in America, Hispanic racism towards Blacks, and Black racism towards Hispanics , is rooted back to living under a system of White supremacy.

Black on Black Racism


Under White Supremacy, Blacks were not Allowed to immigrate to the United States.  The United States had a quota for each country whose citizens wished to immigrate into the country.  The national policy was that the quota for Black Africans was zero.  Black, as citizens of European countries  were allowed to immigrate to America.  The Cold War with the Soviet Union changed this policy.  As Blacks were allowed into the Soviet Union to attend college, the United States eased their immigration policy in order to be able to compete for the richest continent on Earth.  Black Africans were allowed to attend college and to immigrate  to America.  These Africans were carefully chosen based on education and politics.  Once in America, they were kept separate from the Black community.  Often they were put up with White families.  They had grown up with and were encouraged to continue to believe the White supremacist propaganda concerning American Blacks.  Their concept of their American brothers and sisters mirrored that of the White supremacist.

Perhaps the biggest tragedy of all is the extent to which Black Americans also believed these White supremacist stereotypes.  Although today he is a beloved symbol, Muhammad Ali, when he stood up for his Black Muslim religion, was castigated by a great many Black individuals and organizations.  Even within the Black community, White supremacy is the order of the day.  The closer one physically resembles the oppressor, the more privileges one is allowed.  Light skin and straight hair have become attributes in the Black community.  Blacks shop at the White grocery because, "the White man's ice is colder".  Blacks readily give the benefit of the doubt to the White so that they won't appear racist.  In reality, if one does not maintain control, one cannot be racist.  All Black on Black racism is due to White supremacy.


The world has suffered greatly and is in dire straits when its entirety is based on the whims of the White supremacists.  At the bottom of this steaming pile of racism is the Black man.  In order to cleanse himself, and to stand up, the Black man must go through a period of Black nationalism.  The question is whether the White supremacist will destroy the world before he loses control of it.


Random Thoughts

As the world recoils in horror at the vicious slaying of Trayvon Martin, it's business as usual for the Pasdena, CA  police department.  A nineteen year old, unarmed Black youth was shot and killed by two Pasadena police officers.


Kendrec McDade was shot and killed after he was approached as a robbery suspect.  As Mr. McDade was not wearing a hoodie, the officers used the old standby excuse, " he reached into his waistband'. Of course, no gun was found but it is my guess that the eight shots fired by the officers will be found to be justifiable.


Just asking..... Why is it that in all these shootings, that people insist are non - racial, the victims are always Black?


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