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JUNE 30, 2015



The Confederate battle flag has been the most hateful and visible symbol of racism in the United States since the start of the civil rights movement in the early sixties.  Its presence was explained as a symbol honoring the heritage of the south and the Confederate soldiers who defended it.  It's not quite clear why American society would feel it appropriate to honor a treasonous enemy, who tried to destroy the Union, but that's another story.  As the civil rights movement progressed, various southern states  anxiously incorporated the battle flag into state flags and logos to serve as a symbol to maintain segregation.  As the fight for segregation also failed, today the Confederate battle flag is used as a sop for low class Whites, to give them a semblance of self esteem.

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 To American Blacks the battle flag is a symbol of terrorism and humiliation.  Blacks understand that the battle flag equals racism and anyone who flaunts this symbol is racist.  All the atrocities that have been and are being perpetrated  against Blacks in this country are revisited by the mere sight of the Confederate battle flag.  This symbol may be odious enough to propel Blacks into a state of Black Nationalism, at least long enough to send this barbarous relic to the junkyard of history.

Pork Chop Hill

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During the Korean Conflict the United States was involved in two battles at a Korean site known as Pork Hill.  The terrain at this site had no strategic nor tactical value.  The battles were fought as symbols of the determination of the opposing forces.  The battle fought in April, 1953 was hard fought and extremely bloody.  It got down to hand to hand fighting before the United States drove out the Chinese and maintained control of the hill.  Determination by the United States had won out.  

The battle in July of 1953 was even more hard fought and more bloody.  This time it was the Chinese whose determination proved to be the stronger.  Although they lost many more troops than did the United States, the Chinese refused to give in.  The United States withdrew and abandoned the site to the Chinese.  Three weeks later, the Cease Fire, that exists to this day, was signed.  The United States left North Korea and returned to America, pretending they had won.

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Black America must display the determination to destroy this symbol of racism.  This can be accomplished by a two step action, if it is supported by Black America.  First off, Blacks must show the world that they are serious about ending racism in America.  The Confederate battle flag on the grounds of the State Capitol of South Carolina must not be allowed to fly.  Bree Newsome has thrown down the gauntlet to all Black Americans.  Blacks cannot abandon this wonderful warrior woman.  She showed that it can be done.  Her take down was the beginning, Black Americans must assure that this flag does not fly.  By any means necessary

Black Mobilization

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Police killings, the church slaughter, millions raised for the defense for the church terrorist and the current onslaught of church burning prove to Black Americans that racism is alive and well in this supposedly “colorblind” society.  The justification for and the protection of all Confederate symbols should be the proverbial “ straw that breaks the camel's back”.  The erasure of racist symbols is a cause that can mobilize Black America.  Socioeconomic status, religious preference, political affiliation, all are meaningless when a people are fighting for the dignity that is essential for them to be citizens in their own country.

America is the epitome of capitalism on the planet.  There was talk of Black capitalists some years ago.  However, as Blacks do not own the modes and means of production, it may well be said that Black capitalists are nonexistent.  Blacks do hold a tremendous weapon with their consumer buying power.  If this weapon is properly applied, it will force the powers that be to disregard the sensibilities of Billy Bob and Jimmy Joe.

There are 7 states that are presently under scrutiny for having symbolic references to the Confederate battle flag.  These states are South Carolina, Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Arkansas and Tennessee.  If Black America employs an united pressure / boycott against these states, they can be forced to eliminate all references to the Confederacy.  United States Senator Lindsey Graham, Republican form South Carolina, switched his position from maintaining that the flag should stay to recognizing and announcing that it must come down.  He stated that as long as the flag remained on state property, South Carolina could not move forward.

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Black mobilization must convey this message to these 7 states, “continued allegiance to Confederate symbols will prevent a state from sharing in the blessings of the United States”.  There would be economic boycotts of course, which would extend to corporations who invested in these states.  Black entertainment would shun these states, as would Black collegiate athletes.  Examples of sucessful economic boycotts are apartheid era South Africa and the state of Arizona, when it foolishly tried to deny the Dr. Martin Luther King holiday.  The more dollars that are lost, the less support that these symbols of the Confederacy will be able to muster.   

The Confederate battle flag is America's swastika

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The swastika is a symbol of White supremacy that spewed humiliation, terrorism and death upon the Jewish people.  Jewish Americans were vocal, steadfast and determined to abolish this symbol from the American landscape.  They defined the swastika and framed it as a symbol of evil.  The swastika is reviled in America and no government official would dare display it on state grounds.  

The Confederate battle flag is a symbol of White supremacy that spewed humiliation, terrorism and death upon the American Blacks.  Black Americans have been ambivalent about opposition to this flag, perhaps due to their dream of assimilation into the American society (the impossible dream?).  They foolishly allow a debate about whether or not this flag is evil.  Unbelievably, Blacks allowed South Carolina state senator Clementa Pinckney to lie in state at the South Carolina Statehouse.  The body lay in state as the Confederate battle flag flew at full mast on the state grounds.  

In present day Germany, it is illegal to fly the swastika on public grounds.  Just as official governmental recognition of the swastika is illegal in Germany, so too must the official governmental recognition of the Confederate battle flag be illegal in the United States.  President Barack Obama was not elected to give eulogies or to burst into song.  He was elected to lead the United States.  It would be a great addition to his legacy if he spearheaded the federal movement to make official governmental recognition of the Confederate battle flag illegal in the United States. 



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The media and various others are talking of the congregation of the Emanuel AME Church and of the families of the slain members who speak of forgiveness before the bodies have even gotten cold.  President Obama speaks of the “grace” of the victims and of the willingness to answer hatred with love.  South Carolina State Representative William Chumiey went so far as to state that,”These people sat there and waited their turn to be shot”.  Forgiveness, grace and love were evidently the aspiration that Clementa Pinckney held for his congregation.  Unfortunately the question was not asked of the dear reverend, “ at what cost sir, at what cost?”.

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Denmark Vesey, who was one of the founders of the church, was not so forgiving.  Before he was hanged in 1822, Vesey was planning an insurrection.  He planned to kill Charleston slaveholders, liberate the slaves and flee to Haiti.  As was, and still is, often the case, Vesey's plan was disclosed to the authorities by other Blacks.  It is doubtful that forgiveness, grace and love entered Vesey's mind.

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