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July 13, 2013

Black People, what y'all gonna do?

So What?


            It was appropriate that the Zimmerman verdict came on the eve of the Nelson Mandela birthday.  Both the life of Nelson Mandela and the death of Trayvon Martin were resounding victories for the White supremacists.  In 1962 Mandela was imprisoned in a South African prison.  While imprisoned, he became the iconic poster image of the fight against apartheid.  His was the face of the struggle for liberation from the White supremacists who ruled South Africa.  He was released in 1990, and negotiated the universal suffrage that, theoretically, freed the country.  In 1994 Mandela was elected South African President and, from then until the present, the only changes have been illusory.  Whites still control the country and the economy.  Blacks still are an oppressed majority.  In other words, the White supremacists gave Blacks the vote and the office of the presidency and "So what"?

In February of 2012 young Trayvon Martin was slain by a White terrorist by the name of George Zimmerman.  Although Trayvon had committed no crime and was returning to the home in which he was staying, Zimmerman was not charged.  This clear travesty of justice was denounced by the Black community, nationwide.  The White supremacists quickly complied with the rationale of common sense.  Zimmerman was arrested and brought to trial.  The White supremacists gave America her day in court and Zimmerman was determined to be not guilty and "So what"?

Had Nelson Mandela been more of a threat out of prison than he was in prison, he never would have been released.  If the United States criminal justice system was not so geared to excuse violence perpetrated against young Blacks, Zimmerman would not have been required to stand trial.

Plausible Deniability

            The White supremacists and their supporters try to deny the racism that is permeated throughout the fabric of America.  They greedily cling to any excuse that they feel would justify Zimmerman's actions and the kangaroo court that acquitted him.  No claim is too feeble for these people's rationale.

Of course, prosecution witness, Rachel Jeantel, was an early target of these rabid dogs.   She had no affinity with the members of the jury.  She was uneducated, the defense lawyer's daughter went so far as to tweet that it was, "dad versus stupidity".  She was obese and looked much older than 19.  She was confrontational with the defense attorneys and was derisively nicknamed "Precious".  In other words, Rachel Jeantel was too Black, too fat and too uppity to be credible.

Ms. Jeantel was called as a witness for one reason, to establish that Zimmerman was the aggressor.  This she did admirably.

            Rather than acknowledging that the American criminal justice system defies both morality and common sense, it has been easier to blame this miscarriage of justice on the ineptitude of the state prosecutors.  From the beginning of the trial the media continuously clamored that the prosecutors were blowing the case.   This tactic was successful in that, once the acquittal was granted, there was a predetermined and set up scapegoat.

A quick look at the trial shows that a guilty verdict would have been completely appropriate.  As a matter of fact, a guilty verdict is the only verdict that renders justice to this particular trial.  Trayvon Martin, a child, was on his way to the home in which he was staying.  He was unarmed and had committed no crime.  He was approached by Zimmerman who was armed with a pistol.  As Zimmerman was armed, he cannot claim any protection or authorization from any neighborhood watch organization.  No neighborhood watch organization permits its members to go on patrol while carrying a firearm.  The fact that Zimmerman shot and killed Martin was stipulated to by Zimmerman.  The fact that Zimmerman followed Martin and was the aggressor in the confrontation was proven by the state prosecutors.  None of Zimmerman's rights were compromised during this trial.  Common sense mandates a guilty verdict.  Do not blame an acquittal on an inept prosecution, tell the truth, blame the acquittal on White supremacist racism.

The most pathetic excuse is the one made by the White supremacists and their supporters who claim that Trayvon Martin contributed to his own slaying by having the temerity to wear a hoodie.  Of course, these idiots cloak this absurdity under the guise of, "in my opinion".  This thought pattern takes the concept of "blaming the victim" to a new level.  These are the same people who would defend a Klan's member's right to wear his robe and hood to a 4th of July parade.  Yet, they maintain that a young Black can only wear this article of clothing at the risk of his life.  There is only one response for these buffoons,
"How dare you?"

A disservice is done to the memory of Trayvon Martin anytime that anyone sees this not guilty verdict as anything other than pure racism.

A Stand for Justice

            Emmett Till, Latasha Harlins, Sherrice Iverson, Trayvon Martin, the list goes on and on.  Black children violently slain for no reason other than because White supremacist racism has determined that young Black life is both cheap and expendable.  Whites keep killing, Blacks keep marching.  Young Blacks, offered as sacrificial lambs to the God of White supremacy.  After each atrocity, America recruits the parents of the child to beseech the Black community to remain peaceful.  After the Zimmerman verdict, President Barack Obama, in one of his first comments on the subject, praised the parents of Trayvon Martin for their "reflective calm".  Immediately after losing their children, these distraught parents are pressured and coerced to "grin and bear it".  Insanity has been defined as repeating the same actions and expecting different results.  Sooner or later, someone will have to bite the bullet.  Someone will have to show the racists what crazy really is.  Someone will have to make a stand for justice.

Noted abolitionist John Brown asked Frederick Douglas to join him in the attack on Harper's Ferry.  Frederick Douglas declined and became an iconic civil rights pioneer.  John Brown went ahead with the attack and became a martyr of the struggle for Black liberation.  Had Frederick Douglas and his supporters joined John Brown in the attack on Harper's Ferry, perhaps today there would not be a need for a stand for justice.

Just askingWill the Department of Justice, under the Obama administration, bring charges against Zimmerman for violating the civil rights of Trayvon Martin?


            One cold, rainy December afternoon, when I was 9 or 10, I was sent to the store for my mother.  A large German Sheppard  dog would accompany the White mailman on his rounds.  As I passed, this dog attacked me.  "Mister', I screamed to the mailman, "call your dog!"  The mailman said, "he's not my dog".  The dog bit through my raincoat, my winter coat, my pants and my underwear but he did not break the skin.  As he went to the next house the mailman said, "come on boy", and the dog dutifully followed him.

When I got home and told my tale of woe, my father was outraged.  He got his shotgun, got in the car and drove off.  Shortly he returned and said that he had found the dog but that there were too many people around for him to shoot the dog.  I was so very, very disappointed when I realized that he had left to shoot the dog and not the mailman.

Five truths my father gave me

1.  A hard head makes for a soft ass.

2. You don't get your meat where you get your bread.

3.  You can't miss what you can't measure.

4.  If you keep shuffling, sooner or later you have to deal.

5. Don't be lazy.

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