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January 5, 2013

This opinion piece for January 5, 2013 was submitted by Lee Thrower
IIIIts truths and passion make it noteworthy.  

Is Racism A Thing OF The Past ?


Why should I vilify the word nigger ?

Because it is a word used in the most hostile manner to denigrate and dehumanize Black people ?

What about the fact that we've twisted their twisted word?  We've made it our own, my niggas, and shoved it up the racists' asses by being offended when Caucasian Americans use it.

What the fuck!  Everything we do seems to be vilified, the clothes we wear, the way we talk, the dialect we use, our manner, our skin color.  I could go on my niggas, but , why bother?  Anyone paying attention can see that racism is a big part of our lives in America.

People are being taught tolerance in schools and special classes.  Tolerance, not acceptance, why?  We tolerate bugs at a picnic.  We tolerate bad weather.  We tolerate things we don't like, that we have to live with.  The essence of such a class is offensive.  Caucasian Americans are different from Black people, but that should be okay to us as well as to them.

"I remember the day a little white girl called me a "nigger" when I won the 50 meter butterfly. That shit hurt."

How can I not be angry when two of my queens, Venus and Serena Williams have to endure racist shouts from the crowd?  When the first Black President suffers unprecedented disrespect and contempt on American soil, I am angry.  When a man stalks and kills an unarmed child and is hailed as a hero, it angers me.  When hoody wearing targets, with iced tea in one pocket and a bag of Skittles in the other, sell out in record time, it angers me.

My grandmother had her 1st and last month's rent check for an apartment she was trying to rent and informed that the quota for us Black folks had been filled.  I've been pulled over multiple times  by the police for bullshit!  DWB - Driving While Black.  Sure, all our Black leaders have been assassinated or corrupted, but, don't worry, be happy!

Black people should be given tolerance classes!  We actually need them to tolerate the blatant and even
the subtle racism that we must endure in almost every aspect of this society, if not of the world.

I don't like revealing my strong opinions to the general population, but, we need every soldier.  If even one more person joins the cause for justice and equality, it's worth the risks.

Wake up, my niggas, we need to define ourselves.  We need to be good to each other and to hold the highest contempt for unfair, unjust and scumbag behavior.  Look around you.  We are surrounded by blatant racism, injustice and conspiracy.  To people who want me to accept racism or to believe that racism is a thing of the past, KISS MY BLACK ASS!

To those racists that hate or dislike or look down on or pity me because of my skin color: Trust me, I hate you just as much, especially if you are my skin color.

Fuck all Black, "White supremacists".

Lee William Thrower III

Random Thoughts

I was reflecting on my elementary school days and thought of my 5th grade art teacher, Miss Reid.  The year was 1955 and the school was Hoffman elementary, Cincinnati, Ohio.  Miss Reid was admonishing the class about chewing gum.  She added, "especially you colored kids, because, your teeth are the only white things you have on your body and you should try to keep them white".  I related this to my 11 year old granddaughter.  She immediately exclaimed, "she was racist and she should have been fired".  Of course, that was 1955 and Miss Reid was not fired, no fuss was even made.  This was simply business as usual.

Further reflection and I thought about another of my fifth grade teachers.  This was Miss Lingo, social studies teacher, also White, at the same school.  She has to be recognized as my most inspirational teacher (all due respect to Dr. Angelene Jamison, University of Cincinnati).  As this was before the civil rights movement of the 60s, Abraham Lincoln was about the biggest hero that Black children knew.  Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves.

Miss Lingo taught, preached, beseeched the class, particularly the Black children, that Abraham Lincoln only cared about keeping the union together.  Had Lincoln lived, his aim was to send all Blacks to Africa.  Miss Lingo's honesty opened my eyes and taught me to think.  Miss Lingo's gift to me was more precious than any racism that 10 Miss Reids could heap on me.  

Just asking..... 
How is it that John McCain, the man who led the witch hunt against Susan Rice, claiming that she was unqualified, is the same man who offered the vice presidency to Sarah Palin?

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