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 October 27, 2012

The Presidential Debates

            Like the month of March, the 2012 presidential debates came in with a roar and left with a whimper.  Mitt Romney entered the first debate full of bluster and bombast.  President Obama had to be more assertive in the second debate, just to get a word in.  Governor Romney's lack of expertise in foreign affairs reduced his answers to a series of "me too" in the third and final debate.

Civility, or Lack Thereof

            Governor Romney entered the first debate trailing the President by double digit percentage points in the presidential campaign.  His strategy was a full frontal attack both on the truth and the structured format of the debate.  He completely ignored both protocol and the debate moderator.  He proceeded as if one can tell the most outrageous lies as long as one does so with conviction.  He tried to physically intimidate the President.  Governor Romney acted as if boorishness was leadership.  The elitism of the rich believing that the rules do not apply to them was evident in the Governor's actions.  The sad part of the whole scenario is that American society embraced these tactics.  A full 72% proclaimed that Governor Romney won the first debate.

To prove that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, Mitt Romney's son, Tagg, announced on television that he wanted to rush on stage during the second debate and take a swing at President Obama.  On a personal note, I have an open message to Tagg Romney.  Tagg Romney, whose name sounds as if he was named by Sarah Palin.  Tagg Romney, who acts as if he was raised by the leader of a pack of bullies.  A pack of bullies who assaulted a classmate, who happened to be gay.  Tagg, your father, Mitt, is
a liar.  I invite you to look me up and come take a swing at me.

Damned if you do, Damned if you don't

          After the first debate the vultures were on the offensive against President Obama.  Even Democrats and so called liberals said that lying and bluster were sufficient to win the first debate for Governor Romney.  It seems as if even President Obama was convinced of this.  Everyone was clamoring for the President to be more assertive.  At the start of the second debate, Governor Romney began the same tactics.  This time President Obama was more assertive.  He pointed out when Romney lied.  Actually, he was quite dignified about it, he simply said, "Governor, that is not true".  Of course, he had to say this after practically every statement the Governor made.  He finished his statements and interrupted when the Governor ranted on and on.  He was, as everyone insisted that he had to be, more assertive.

When Governor Romney was rude and crude, the American public called it leadership.  When President Obama stood up to Governor Romney, the American public called him undignified.  They tried to dismiss the winning of the second debate by President Obama,  saying that both debaters did not comply with the structured format. 


            The third debate was on foreign policy.  The Republicans could find no fault with President Obama's foreign policy.  Grasping at straws, the only thing that Governor Romney could come up with was to fault the President for not having sufficient security at Benghazi, Libya.  Ambassador Christopher Stevens and 3 others were killed.  Finding fault with the President for the security at an embassy outpost is an non issue.  What is an issue is the entire security set-up for foreign embassies. 

Killed along with the ambassador were 2 former Navy Seals, Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty.  These men were working as security contractors.  These private contractors are part of the privatization of government services of which the Republicans are so fond.  Corporations such as Halliburton and Academi (formerly Blackwater) are providing services that once were the responsibility of the U.S. military.  Perhaps, rather than looking at the President, scrutiny should be focused on these security corporations.

Points of Concern

In the course of these debates, Governor Romney made many scary statements. 
For the sake of brevity, this article will only address 3 of these.

Governor Romney admitted that 50% of college grads would be unable to find jobs commensurate with their college degree.  However, he then stated that the United States should allow immediate immigration status to college graduates worldwide.  He said that a U.S. green card should be attached to every college degree from abroad.  Typical for an elitist to clamor for closing the borders for working people, yet open arms for individuals with skills.  The economy of this country is such that it might be in the best interest of the country if the government strives to educate its own people rather than try a brain drain from the rest of the world.

Governor Romney was asked what his reaction would be if he was awakened and informed that Israel was in the process of attacking Iran.  After saying that he would not answer a hypothetical question, he proceeded to insist that this was an impossibility.  His reasoning, he and Benjamin Netanyahu were such good friends that Bebe would let him know of plans for an attack.  Does the sharing of national security secrets work both ways?  If Governor Romney was elected President, would the relationship between the U.S. and Israel be one of  "the tail wagging the dog"?

Governor Romney boasts of being able to work with political rivals.  However, he lambasted President Obama for campaigning in 2008 and promising to meet with world leaders who were diametrically opposed to U.S. policy.  Included in this group were the leaders of North Korea, Iran and Venezuela.  He ranted that President Obama was bestowing on these world leaders, the "honor"  of meeting with a U.S. President. Such a jingoistic, condescending attitude does not belong on the world stage.

 Governor Romney's main qualification is that he wants to be President.  He may be one step above Sarah Palin, but he's not two.  If not for racism, President Obama would be re-elected  by a landslide.

Random Thoughts

We must remain vigilant concerning the cases of Trayvon Martin and Kendrec McDade.  Too often, after initial outrage they just slow walk the cases and the people either lose interest or they are dealing with the latest outrage.  The judge handing Trayvon Martin's case is allowing the Zimmerman defense team access to Mr. Martin's school records and his personal social network accounts.  The Los Angeles District Attorney office has refused to charge Oscar Carrillo for manslaughter in the McDade case.  Carrillo is the individual who called police and claimed to have been robbed at gunpoint by Mr. McDade.  The Pasadena Police Department claimed this report as a compelling factor in the killing of an unarmed Kendre
McDade.  Justice in these cases is the only avenue of closure for these families.

Just asking..... Is the American public sufficiently sophisticated for the government to dissolve the Electoral College?


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