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October 6, 2012

Lies and Disrespect

Mitt Romney and the Republican Party faced a dilemma going into the October 3, 2012 Presidential Debate.  Romney was slipping badly in the polls and the party was reeling from the bump provided by the Democratic National Convention.  Their resolution was to engage in the "big lie" technique.  In a 1941 article, Joseph Goebbels wrote ".... when one lies, one should lie big, and stick to it.  They keep up their lies, even at the risk of looking ridiculous".  The perfect solution for Romney, who was already so proficient at lying.

The Lies

            Think Progress, an American political blog, analyzed the Presidential Debate and determined that Romney told 27 verifiable lies in 38 minutes during the debate.  This article will look at a few of the lies.

The foundation of the Republican policy is that they adamantly refuse to raise taxes on the wealthy of the United States.  Republican politicians supported by the "Tea Party" branch of the party actually sign pledges that they will not vote for any tax increases on the wealthy.  The Republicans insist that the planned lapse of tax breaks to the wealthy, granted by former President Bush, is a tax increase.  Romney campaigned for the Republican nomination on a promise of tax relief for the wealthy that would cost the country 5 trillion dollars over 10 years.

During the debate, President Obama referred to this amount several times.  Each time Romney denied that he had made this promise.  He flashed a grin and completely disassociated himself from his nomination campaign promise.  President Obama appeared shell shocked and ill prepared to respond to such blatant lying.

Romney maintained that, if elected, one of the first things that he would do is repeal what he derisively called, Obamacare .  Obamacare is the comprehensive health care reform that many Presidents spoke of, but only President Obama was able to implement.  President Obama mentioned that the health care reform was modeled after a similar program that Romney had implemented while he was Governor of Massachusetts.  Romney completely ignored any comparisons of the pros and cons of the two programs.  Instead he ranted that he had support of Massachusetts Democrats and President Obama was unable to get Republican support.  This, he believed, showed that he could work with both parties and President Obama could not.  He failed to mention, and President Obama failed to remind him, that after the Inauguration, Republicans vowed that their number one priority was to ensure that President Obama would be a one term President.

President Obama also has a plan to regulate and eliminate the waste of the Medicare system.  In keeping with austerity measures necessary for the entire country, he plans to cut 716 billion dollars from the Medicare program.  These cuts are intended to come from the hospitals and insurance companies.  They are not intended to cut care from the beneficiaries.  Naturally, Romney screams that President Obama is cutting the care of the beneficiaries.  He maintains that he will save the 716 billion dollars for Medicare.  Strange pronouncements from a candidate who wants to replace the entire Medicare system with a voucher for health care system.    

            The Republican National Convention adopted a policy of, "fact checkers be damned".  For a populace to accept blatant lies as the truth is scary.  The "big lie" technique has brought the world Nazi Germany and brought the United States a war with Iraq.  As long as the electorate accepts lies, politicians will lie.

The Disrespect

            The Presidential Debate of October 3, 2012 was sponsored and produced by the Commission on Presidential Debates.  It was moderated by Jim Lehrer, executive editor of PBS Newshour.  Time and effort was put in to develop a format that was fair to the candidates and informative to the public.  Mitt Romney ignored the format and guidelines and, like a bratty child, insisted on speaking whenever it suited him. Romney supporters considered his behavior to be "assertive".  Objective observers considered his behavior to be boorish and disrespectful.

Jim Lehrer tried to moderate the debate according to the prescribed format.  Romney ran roughshod over him.  Many observers blamed Lehrer for not being able to control the debate.  He was compared to the NFL replacement referees. Romney, illustrating his corporate job cutting tactics, gleefully told Lehrer that if he was elected, he would get rid of PBS.  A great deal is said about one's character when one cannot be a good guest.

Romney was true to Republican form when he refused to be respectful to President Obama.  Republicans refuse to respect the man or the office insofar as President Obama is concerned.  From the Arizona Governor wagging a finger in his face to the Congressman screaming "liar" on the floor of the House of Representatives, Republicans are unable to control their racist attitudes.  This is true of Romney and one must wonder how much of this was learned in the Mormon Church, which, until 1978, operated on clearly racist principles.  During the debate, Romney accused President Obama  of setting up losing green energy companies for his campaign contributors.  On national television, he charged the office of the presidency with corruption!  It is astounding that such behavior is tolerated from a candidate for the highest office in the land.

The most important display of disrespect is that which Romney shows towards the American people.  This whole campaign has been one lie after another.  One cannot consistently lie to another and simultaneously respect that entity.  The American electorate is an enigma.  America likes to think of itself as "the world's only indispensable nation".  Americans like to think of their government as the model for the rest of the world.  Americans would be surprised to learn that the rest of the world is laughing at their naiveté.  World sophisticates  think of Americans as their somewhat slow, rural cousins.  Until the world respects the United States government, it cannot respect the United States people.  If the politicians disrespect the American people, the American people cannot have a responsible government.

Random Thoughts

The only thing worse than getting up to go to work, is not having a job to go to.

Whenever I don't feel like going to work, I go look at the homeless.

The only thing worse than fighting a man over his woman, is fighting a man over your woman.

There is no need to live in Los Angeles if you don't have nice weather.

Getting old ain't for sissies.

Just asking.....  Was President Obama non assertive in the debate because he did not want to be portrayed as an angry Black man?

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