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September 22, 2012

Mitt Romney and Foreign Affairs


Mitt Romney, businessman, former Governor of Massachusetts and 2012 Republican presidential nominee has absolutely no experience in foreign affairs.  In 2008 the same could have been said about Barack Obama.  However, Obama chose Joe Biden as his running mate.  Biden was both well schooled and well respected in foreign affairs.  These attributes brought an aura of competence and responsibility to the 2008 Democratic ticket.  On the other hand, Romney chose Paul Ryan, who, like Romney, is a novice in the field of foreign affairs.

Trips Abroad as Republican Nominee


            As the Republican nominee, Romney visited 3 foreign nations.  His first stop was London during the Summer Olympics.  In London, Romney committed a series of diplomatic gaffes.  He immediately got off on the wrong foot by questioning whether London was ready and able to conduct the Olympics.  His expertise apparently was obtained from running the Salt Lake City Winter Games in 2002.  The difference in the complexity of the 2 events is monumental.  He continued the gaffes by referring to Britain's Labour Leader, Ed Miliband, as Mr. Leader.  He also disputed whether the United States should take the lead in Europe's economic recovery and revealed that he had received a briefing from Britain's MI6 (Military Intelligence).


The British were extremely critical of Romney's amateurish diplomatic behavior.  London Mayor Boris Johnson led an Olympics crowd of over 60,000 in jeering Romney's remarks.  One British official called Romney, "worse than Sarah Palin", while another likened his visit to a car crash.  The London visit showed that Mitt Romney has quite a ways to go to reach basic diplomatic protocol. 


            From London, Romney continued on to Israel.  Israel showed that diplomatic buffoonery can quickly be replaced by life and death seriousness.  Immediately Romney declared that, if elected, he would recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. The United Nations has recognized Tel Aviv as the capital and the United States maintains that the question of which city is the capital has yet to be resolved.  Romney's position was in violation of official U.S. policy.  Much more troubling was Romney's declaration that he would respect any decision that Israel made insofar as an attack on Iran was concerned.  This is clearly a case of allowing the tail to wag the dog.  Any Israeli war effort is dependent on American finance and armaments.  Acceptance of Israeli unilateralism places the United States in jeopardy, at the whim of a foreign nation.  The well being of Israel must not be placed ahead of the well being of the United States by an American President!


            Romney wrapped up his trips abroad by continuing on to Poland.  Poland is a nation whose trade unions wrested control of the country from communism.  There was an undercurrent of friction between the trade unionists and super businessman, Mitt Romney.  However, the biggest gaffe Romney made on this trip was trying to pick a fight with Russia.  He called Russia the biggest geo-political enemy that the United States had.  Is this man trying to resurrect the cold war?  Romney went to Poland, tried to stir up animosity between Poland and her powerful neighbor, and then left.

Libyan Protest


            September 11, 2012 the American ambassador, Chris Stevens and 3 others were killed in Libya.  The initial reports were barely in before Romney was giving a news conference blaming Barack Obama.  He snatched the earliest announcement  by the Obama administration and tried to fuel his floundering campaign.  In these early rants he disdainfully proclaimed that the United States should not apologize, no matter the circumstances.  This line of thought is not only arrogant, it's frightening, not only to the rest of the world, but to Americans also.  He insisted that had he been President the attack would never have happened.  He neglected to tell exactly how he would have prevented the attack.


President Obama was tolerant in his mild rebuke of Romney.  He stated that Romney had a tendency to shoot first and aim later.  He explained that Romney did not understand the intricacies of the office.  A surprising amount of Republicans also stated that Romney was out of line with this latest unjustified assault on anything Obama.

The Mark of Cain


            Mitt Romney was raised in the Mormon Church.  Until 1978 the Mormon Church believed that Blacks possessed the "Mark of Cain".  During his formative years, Romney believed that Blacks were , at worst, evil, or at best, cursed.  A sudden renunciation of this nonsense does not necessarily eradicate this indoctrination from one's psyche.  In order to be accepted as a world leader, Romney should be willing to explain first, "what is the Mark of Cain" and second "how does the Mark of Cain affect his leadership"?


The world and, indeed, the United States itself, are full of People of Color.  Who among these people possess the Mark of Cain?  The people of the world cannot be expected to respect and accept leadership from the United States if they are to be considered either evil or cursed.


            World leadership takes more than just a desire to lead. Leading a nation is more involved than running a business.  To perform on a world stage as a leader, one needs diplomacy, consideration and compassion.  It seems as if Romney is lacking in these qualities. 

Random Thoughts


            Robert Griffin III, 2011 Heisman Trophy winner, took the National Football League  (NFL) by storm at the beginning of the 2012 season.   He had the best statistics of any first time quarterback in the history of the league.  The fairy tale beginning to his career lasted until the second game.  After game 2, Griffin complained that the St. Louis Rams played unprofessionally.  He maintained that there were frequent late hits and cheap shots.  The concern was that some Rams were intentionally trying to hurt him.  He was right to complain, particularly in light of the revelations of maiming, early dementia and early death associated with professional football.


Some players, fans, sportswriters and announcers criticized him for complaining.  Griffin did not complain about playing the game hard.  His complaints were about the plays that were outside the rules of the game.  It is not macho to cheat.  Certain players, particularly quarterbacks, are protected.  Griffin, a quarterback, is entitled to that same protection.  What price is sufficient for young athletes to pay for the amusement of the fans?

Just asking.....Where in the bible does it say that the Mark of Cain was designated to apply to Black people?


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