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September 8, 2012

It Takes The Democrats


            The United States is losing its middle class at an alarming rate.  The nation is fast beginning to resemble the rest of the world, the rich and the poor.  The two political parties of the republic are drawing stark battle lines.  The Republicans are the party of the rich, while the Democrats are the party of the poor.  Increasingly, the middle class, who desperately aspire to become part of the rich, are being lumped together with the poor.  The Soviet Union took communism as far as it could go and the system imploded.  One must wonder whether the United States has taken capitalism as far as it can go.


The U.S. presidential election of 2012 may prove to be the turning point insofar as the nation being of the people, by the people, for the people.  The Republican nominee, Mitt Romney, is committed to run the nation as a business.  Citizens become no more than assets and liabilities on a spread sheet.  The Democrat nominee, Barack Obama, has seen what runaway capitalism can do to a nation.  Following his election in 2008, he was handed a country that was on the brink of total financial collapse.  Capitalism must work for the people, not the people work for capitalism.  If the American middle class is to be saved, it will take the Democrats.  Fortunately, they have the leaders to tackle the mission and accomplish the goal.

Julian Castro


            Julian Castro is the mayor of San Antonio and was the keynote speaker on at the 2012 Democratic National Convention (DNC).  His was one of the inspirational stories that occur to a handful of the millions of poor immigrants that flood the borders of the United States.  His grandmother had come from northern Mexico as a child and had worked her entire life as a maid.  His mother was a grassroots activist and a single mother.  Julian and his twin brother Joaquin were  raised on a steady diet of political activism.  They both graduated from Stanford University and Harvard Law School.  Both entered politics.  Julian gave an electrifying keynote address.  It takes very little imagination to picture Julian Castro on a Democratic presidential ticket in the near future.


Castro's presence was important to America for two reasons.  First, it is a step towards healing the irrational rift between Blacks and Latinos.  Understanding and alliance between the two Peoples will put an end to the "divide and conquer" strategy fostered by the powers that be.  Second, he proudly told all who would listen that he used affirmative action to enter Stanford.  He concedes that his SAT score was perhaps not high enough to gain entrance without affirmative action being factored into the admission procedure.  Once admitted, he did well, both at Stanford and Harvard.  American society must recognize that the worth and value of a person cannot be determined strictly by test scores.

Castro's counterpart at the Republican National Convention (RNC) was New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie.  He seemed to forget that he was there to promote the Republican agenda and treated the occasion as his personal coming out party.  The only question about his speech was whether he used I or me the more often. 

Michelle Obama


            Michelle Obama is the first, acknowledged, resident of the White House that is the descendant of slaves.  Her story, like that of Julian Castro, is one that gives validity to the American dream.  Hard work and personal responsibility propelled her from the lower middle class to become the first African-American first lady of the nation.  Michelle graduated from Princeton University and Harvard Law School.  She met Barack Obama at the high powered law firm that they both worked.  Both their academic credentials and their skyrocketing careers were comparable.


During the 2008 presidential, for no discernible reason, the U.S. media tried to portray Michelle as "the angry Black woman".  Fox news called a fist bump that she shared with her husband as "a terrorist fist bump".  Michelle responded by conducting herself, both publicly and privately, above reproach.  Once in the White House, she let Barack be the president and was content with the role of mother, housewife and first lady.  She did not fall into the opposition party trap of being part of her husband's administration, as did Hillary Clinton.  Her speech at the 2012 DNC proved that Michelle Obama was , not the liability that the Republicans tried to portray her, but perhaps her husband's biggest asset.


Michelle's counterpart at the RNC was Ann Romney.  Her job was to show the warm and fuzzy side of Mitt.  She seemed to be a caring mother and wife.  However, it was hard to swallow the scenario of she and Mitt as "starving students".  While Michelle Obama could have a promising career as a lawyer, Ann Romney could have a promising career as an equestrian. 

Bill Clinton


            Former President Bill Clinton was another Democrat who arose from humble beginnings to achieve the actualization of his dreams.  Bill Clinton aspired from an early age to become President of the United States.  This ambition, and larger than life persona, did, in fact, carry him to the presidency.  Republicans mounted a vicious vendetta against Clinton that resulted in his impeachment.  In the history of the United States, opposing party politics have never reached the vitriol that has been inflicted on Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.  Even Clinton supporters criticize him for allowing fraternity boy antics to derail what might have been one of the greatest presidencies of all time. 


That was then, this is now and Bill Clinton is a beloved American statesman.  At the 2012 DNC he was in his element and it showed.  Clinton wowed not only the DNC audience, but the entire television audience.  He spoke to the people, not at the people.  He explained it to you like you were six years old.  There was talk that the Democrats were lacking some of the enthusiasm that was present in 2008.  With one speech, Bill Clinton brought the enthusiasm back.  Seeing Clinton and Obama embrace made one proud to be an American, but particularly proud to be a Democrat.


Clinton's obvious counterpart at the RNC would have been George W. Bush.  However, the Republicans did not want to mention his name, much less allow him to speak.  Instead they presented actor Clint Eastwood.  Eastwood dressed down an empty chair, pretending that he was talking to the President. 

The scene was eerily reminiscent of a certain Arizona governor wagging her finger in the President's face.

Barack Obama


            Like all U.S. Presidents, Barack Obama seems to have aged since taking office.  It doesn't seem as if he anticipated the difficulty of the office.  It is certain that he expected a learning period.  However, there is no way that he would foresee a Congress that would obstruct for obstruction's sake.  From day one, the Republicans vowed that their number one priority was to ensure that President Obama was a one term President.  He has been handcuffed by behavior that is at the least dereliction of duty and at most, treasonous to the nation.  Under these circumstances, his many accomplishments have been remarkable.


Barack Obama accepted his party's nomination for the presidency at the 2012 DNC.  His idealism of 2008 has been tempered by the realities of the office.  Yet, he is savvy enough to recognize that the future of what America is rests on the results of this election.  This is a nation of hopes, of dreams, most of all, of people.  It is not a business, nor should it be treated as a business.  Do the Republicans not understand that business, corporate greed, is what caused the financial collapse of 2008.  The country is teetering on the brink of becoming a very difficult place to live and to raise a family.  The American citizens must recognize which party will serve their best interests and support that party.  People get the government that they deserve.

President Obama's counterpart at the RNC is, of course, Mitt Romney.  During the Republican Primary, Mitt stated that he is not concerned about the poor because the country has safety nets set up to help them.  A blind man can see that these safety nets are not working.  The poor have fallen through the cracks in these safety nets.  They are living and dying on the streets of urban American.  They are the homeless, whose ranks are increasing just as surely as the ranks of the middle class are decreasing.


            Sooner or later, the elephant in the room must be discussed.  Many politicians are obstructing President Obama's agenda just because he is Black.  If one is racist, that is fine and dandy, as long as one does not allow his / her racism to affect others or to interfere in the performance of one's job.  If one is willing to cut off his nose to spite his face, he should not be a politician.

Random Thoughts


            Democrats are rightfully screaming about Republican obstructionism.  The Democrats must also look in the mirror.  From 2008 to 2010 the Democrats controlled the House of Representatives.  Yet, the House still obstructed President Obama.  This was because of the so called "blue-dog Democrats".  These southern Democrats were every bit as racist and anti Obama as the Republicans.  As politicians they were worse because they are part of the President's party.  The Democratic National Committee must rein in these renegades.  This is a take no prisoners situation.  The Republican National Committee showed how quickly a renegade (Akin) can be denied national funds.  If the Democratic party does not absolutely support President Obama, then no one will.

Just asking..... Is "trickle down economics" the same as "crumbs off the table"?

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