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June 23, 2012



            Whenever there is an uproar about police officers killing Black people, the question arises, “Why are there no uproars about Blacks killing other Blacks"?  Although the differences are apples and oranges, the question must be looked at.  The 800 pound gorilla standing in the room cannot be ignored.  It has been said that the most dangerous spot in America is on any street named Martin Luther King at 11:00 P.M. on a Saturday night.


Black on Black violence touches the most iconic Black leaders.  In January of 1966, Martin Luther King Jr. left the Atlanta suburbs and moved into a Chicago slum tenement.  His intent was to bring attention to the urban poor and to gain northern support to his movement.  After a short time, he began to have trouble disciplining his son.  Even a leader as accomplished as King, had problems competing with urban street culture.  Rosa Parks, who sparked the Montgomery Bus Boycott, was a victim of Black on Black violence.  She was brutally beaten during a mugging at her Detroit home.  The shame is not that it was Rosa Parks, the shame is that an elderly Black woman was beaten by a young Black man, for a few dollars.  Reverend Jesse Jackson admitted, during an interview, that he is relieved upon discovering that the late night footsteps he hears do not belong to young Black men.  This article just touches on some of the dynamics of Black on Black violence.


            Racism has been entrenched in the fabric that makes up America since its inception.  Article 1, section 2 (3) of the United States Constitution mandates that Blacks are 3/5 of a person.  The U.S. Supreme Court, in the Dred Scott Decision, ruled that Blacks had no rights that Whites were obliged to respect.  These White supremacist tenets were the very essence of America.  Although the 14th Amendment negated the lawfulness of this White supremacy, in reality, it remained intact.  American society dictates, to this day, White is superior and Black is inferior.  It is bad enough that Whites accept this fallacy, it is worse that Blacks accept it.


America tries to convince her own citizens and the rest of the world that the nation lives up to an idealistic set of standards.  In reality, nothing could be further from the truth.  This is particularly true in the area of race relations.  They like to proclaim that present day America is a "post racial society".  They insist that racism disappeared with the end of slavery.  If not then, certainly with the civil rights movements of the 1960s.  Blacks who contend that American racism is alive and well should "get over it".  They are merely undergoing a victimization mentality, using perceived racism as an excuse for their own inadequacies.  Today there is an even playing field and present day Whites cannot be expected to be held responsible for the sins of their fathers.  This is the rationalization of today's America.  The proof offered up is the fact that America elected a Black president.  This rationalization is, of course, total garbage.  However, that is another story for another time.  This article is written on the supposition that American society is rampant and rabid with White supremacist racism.


Blacks, for whatever reason, have bought into America, hook, line and sinker.  This is written in generalities, of course.  Many Blacks born in America refuse to connect in any shape, form or fashion to Africa. (As an aside, Blacks born in Africa accept the negative stereotypes spewed out by America concerning Blacks born in America.)  Blacks have fought to be able to fight in America's wars.  Sadly, some Blacks fought in the Civil War for the Confederacy.  Blacks are so caught up in accepting all things ‘American’, they accept that Blacks are inferior.  America fosters this attitude.  Investigations of crimes against Blacks are lackadaisical and sentences of convictions of these crimes are not as severe.  It as if the killing of a Black is a misdemeanor while killing a White is a felony.


When Eldridge Cleaver wrote Soul on Ice he told of raping a White woman as a political act.  He also reveals that he practiced for this political act by raping Black women.  His rationale was that the Black women were not valued by society and he could perfect his technique with less fear of being apprehended.  In our revolutionary fervor, too many of us excused or overlooked this atrocious behavior.  One dynamic of Black on Black violence is that it is easier to get away with.

Destruction of the Black Family

            During slavery the only structure that the Black family had was dependent on the whim of the slave master.  The Reconstruction period and the Jim Crow south brought about the share cropping system.  Any family structure was totally subordinate to each man, woman and child being available to work the land.  Children were allowed to attend school only when there was no work to be done in the fields.  When Blacks began to migrate to the north, there was hope that the Black family would be allowed to develop.  However, Blacks were not the only ones seeking employment in the industrial north.  Great waves of European workers were flooding the job markets.  As this is a racist society, the European aliens got the jobs.  The Black citizens were left with only the jobs that the Europeans did not want.  These were not only the worst jobs, they were also the ones that paid the least amount of wages.  Many Blacks were forced on the welfare rolls.


The welfare bureaucracies launched an assault on the Black family.  If a woman went on welfare, she had to file against the father of her children so that he would be liable for child support.  Furthermore, no adult male would be allowed to legally abide in the household.  The logical conclusion to this nonsense is that Black men would be forced out of the household and end up repeating the process with another woman.  The welfare system, instead of providing temporary aid to indigent families, became a weapon to be wielded against the Black family.  The movie, "Claudine", starring James Earl Jones and Diahann Carroll, gives an excellent portrayal of this phenomenon.

When there is no family to teach social mores, something must step in as a surrogate.  In the case of young, urban Black males, the surrogate has been street gangs.  When the family structure is replaced by the street gang structure, there is no surprise that there is Black on Black violence.

 Attempted Emasculation of the Black Male


            White racist society is afraid of the strong Black man.  Slavery, Reconstruction and the Jim Crow south brought out the obvious manifestations of this fact.  Don't look a White in the eye, always address Whites by titles of respect, and never, ever be involved with a White woman.  Just as slavery has evolved into paid work, so too have methods evolved to keep the Black man subservient.


In present day America, Black women are surpassing Black men in education and increasingly in employment opportunities and performances.  If a study is done, it may very well indicate that Black America is becoming, or has become, a matriarchal society.  As White men are more comfortable with Black women than Black men, it can be surmised that the larger American society wants Black America to be matriarchal.  There is nothing wrong with matriarchal societies.  However, when the larger society is a patriarchal society, it is important that Black society is also patriarchal.


When Osama Bin Laden was killed, executed, assassinated, murdered by U.S. Seal Team 6, Pittsburg Steeler running back Rashard Mendenhall tweeted a comment about the incident.  He said that he did not think that there should be celebration about the death of another human being.  For this radical, subversive statement, Champion Apparel cancelled his endorsement deal.  A spokesman for Champion stated that while the corporation respected Mendenhall's right to his opinion, they could no longer do business with him.  The fact is that they did not respect his 1st Amendment right to freedom of speech.  He was a Black man, standing up to give his opinion, and for that he had to pay.

It has become much more sophisticated than disrespecting Blacks all week and then throwing them into "bucket of blood" bars to kill each other.  Yet the results are still the same.  American society manipulates the Black man to commit a homicide, which is fratricide, which is really suicide, that ultimately results in genocide.

Random Thoughts


            My father told me that when something does not make sense, usually it is not true.  Also, those who win the war, write the history.  With these two thoughts in mind, I think about an incident in the movie Red Tails.  The Army General explains to the Terence Howard character why the Tuskegee Airman are being given an opportunity to defend the bombers.  He explains that the White fighter escorts leave formation to attack the German fighters in order to get the glory of a plane shot down.  This does not make sense.  That they leave because they are AFRAID, now that makes sense.

Just asking..... How much does the accessibility to guns and the influx of cocaine and heroin into Black communities contribute to Black on Black violence?

  A Black Perspective  

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