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April 5th, 2012

The Black Church


From the time that Black slaves sang Negro spirituals until the present, religion has been the cornerstone for the advancement of Black Americans.  Northern black churches were instrumental in the formation and operation of the "Underground Railroad".  This organization helped countless Blacks escape the bondage of the south and ushered them through the north into Canada, There, they could finally enjoy freedom.  After the Civil War, during Recpnstruciton, the Black church was often the only "safety net" available to the newly liberated Blacks.
The Black church took this responsibility very seriously and was there to help when members of the congregation fell upon hard times.  This self-help policy was extended to the north, particularly during the "Great Depression".  Father Divine set up soup lines and aid programs for the Blacks that were ignored by the United States Government.


The Black Church spearheaded the 1950's and 1960's civil right movement.  The Black church not only provided an educated cadre of leaders from its ministry but also an infrastructure for logistics, along with its congregation as foot soldiers.  Many young Blacks gravitated to the church because of its invovement in the Civil Rights movement.  Sadly, since the Civil Right movement, the Black church has not taken its rightful place to advance the lot of the Black people.  There are steps that the Black church can (must?) take if Blacks are to enjoy the fruits of their past and present labors.

Cultural Education and Black Nationalism

The Black church can open its facilities to provide a supplemental education for its congregation and all members of the community.  A prototype of such a program is currently being conducted at Faith United Methodist Community Church.  On Saturdays, at this Los Angeles church, Dr.  Donald Evans and staff operate the Black Star University.  This program is open to all members of the community, from the very young to the very old.  There is a set curriculum but the program is geared to be flexible enough to provide any training that the community deems to be necessary.  The program is designed ot teach the cultural richness of Black people and to instill Black pride.  


Far too many Blacks cringe at the  term Black Nationalism.  The Black church can be progressive enough to lead the fight to teach Black people that Balck Nationalism merely means that Black people should bond with other Black people for the common good.  Efforts must be made for the collective good of Black people rather than the advancement of the individual.  An example of an entity practicing cultural education and nationalism is the Jewish religion.

Group Economics


The only way for Black people to emerge from the bottom of the socio-economic barrel is to be able to financially sustain the whole of Black people without depending on any other group.  Group progression can only come through group economics.  The Black church is the lone Black institution that currently possesses the financial wherewithal to accomplish this progression.


Dr. Claude Anderson, in his book Powernomics goes to great lengths to explain, in detail, both the philosophy and practicalities of group economics.  Blacks' lifelines will be determined by the ability to ensure
the survival of Black people.  An example of an entity practicing group economics is the Catholic religion and its network of Catholic hospitals.

Black Morality


Most are all too familiar with the violence and lack of respect perpetrated on Black people in their neighborhoods.  It has been remarked that one of the most dangerous places to be is on any "Martin Luther King Avenue" on a Saturday night.  Black icon Rosa Parks was mugged in a Black neighborhood.  Cincinnati police decided that if they were not allowed to kill Blacks with impunity that they would no longer police Black neighborhoods.  The result was an upsurge of Black on Black crime that terrified the residents of the Black neighborhoods.


It must be recognized that the 'gang member' that is spawned by Black neighborhoods is the norm, not the aberration. If every gang member in this country were flat out executed tomorrow, in ten years time, the  Black neighborhoods would be in the same circumstances that it is today. Crime in the Black neighborhoods is a societal problem, not an individual bad choice.
Again, the Black church must take the lead in establishing a set of morals that Black people can live under.  If the Black church undertakes the responsibility of Cultural Education, Black Nationalism and Group Economics, it will have the credibility to teach a viable black morality.  An example of an entity practicing Black morality is the Nation of Islam. 


The steps outlined here are by no means all that are needed for the progression of Black people.  They are a great start and are feasible as they are each being currently practiced by other groups.  What is needed for the Black church to implement these steps is a national leadership and a nationalistic commitment.

re-print from
June 2006 Article in
'Common Knowledge' Newsletter

Random Thoughts

American society has determined that Black People, collectively , pose no threat to anyone, other than themselves. This allows the United States government to admit, at least partial responsibility, to the undermining of Black civil rights efforts.
The syphilis experimentation at Tuskegee was admitted to 
after 30 years of implementation. However, the government insists that the disease was not introduced to participants, only studied. It is supposed to be credible that there were 400 random cases of syphilis in a town the size of
Tuskegee. They also admit, with a wink and a nod , the boxcar of firearms left in the inner city just before the Watts uprising. Illegal arms shipments to Nicaragua brought back plane loads of cocaine which subsequently flooded the ghetto, the birth of crack. Blacks are so thoroughly indoctrinated that they can be told the
sins perpetrated against them and it doesn't matter.

Just asking.....Does the Black church serve its congregation, or does the congregation serve the Black church ?

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